Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wedding Dress for Sale / Baju sanding untuk di jual


I think I'm going to let go my wedding dress.

to those interested, email me.
Offer me your best price.

The dress are made of heavy chiffon with satin lining.
and on the top part are made of not heavily sequined prada lace.
I'm providing the dress and veil.
I think the dress can fit L or XL ladies.
I'm 153cm..

Kindly email at farahnuradila@gmail.com

This dress is kinda labuh. i'm like 153cm.... but skirt part tu honestly agak bulky because ade kain net dalam tu. You can see that the belakang part is kinda long so it kinda meleret la gitu...

Shoulder part

Super simple Veil and zippered sleeves

Hows the veil looks like

Friday, June 6, 2014


Just want to share a few places we went for Halal Food in Bangkok.
The first place we went was Yana Restaurant in MBK Mall. Level 5 yeah..
betol betol depan Foodcourt.
How to get there: Hop on a train stop at Siam and change to a train that goes to National Stadium (The last station)
MBK mall to me is like Sungei Wang in Malaysia?
Lotsa stuff, some u can bargain, some not.
Along the way to Yana restaurant, level 5, please stop at a shop selling dried foods and get their Dried Longan, a packet or two. Dried Longan in Thailand is soo good than we have here in Malaysia.

In our trip, we went to Yana restaurant twice if i'm not mistaken ..or thrice?
The food is wee bit expensive, but in a country where Halal food is quite hard to get, the price is actually okay. Cheaper than Vietnam I must say.
If you ordered Tom Yam in Thailand, you will most probably will get the version with Susu Cair or Santan in it. 
At Yana Restaurant, they used Santan.

One thing I must stress out here, Tom Yam in Bangkok is not like in Malaysia.
Dekat Malaysia, tomyam normally won't have susu cair or santan, and in Malaysia, the tomyam sometimes is soooooooo spicy nak terbakar lidah, BANYAK CILI API.
In Bangkok, it's not spicy at all tho u can see a lot of chillies in the soup/gravy.

The seafood tomyam in Yana restaurant harga die if i'm not mistaken abou 299BHT = RM29.90.
they're very generous with the seafood. Worth every cents.

Seafood Tomyam at Yana Restaurant

Another thing to buy at MBK Mall or wherever you might find this snacks at, is the DURIAN CHIPS.
this is my fav and i'm sooo sad I didn't buy more.. For small container like this, it's 110Bhat = RM11.
the bigger version is about RM30.
The taste is not that sweet, it does have that durian taste without the smell.
The chips are quite hard and have that slimy aftertaste...gahhh I don't know lah..
yang pasti, SODAP.

Durian Chips

Juice. yes. Juice. In Bangkok, you can see a lot of people selling Juices.
This Soontra Juices was the one that I'm head over heels with.
We will buy the juice at this stall in  Phrom Phong BTS Station on our way to our next food destination. 
The price each is different depending on the ingredients and starts at 20bhat - 40bhat.
My fav is the lychee and passionfruit mix...

Ok. We will stop at Phrom Phong BTS only for 1 main reason. USMAN RESTAURANT.
we love Bangkok's train system therefore, we will travel a lot using their train.

Take a train and stop at Phrom Phong, buy a bottle of juice because you have to walk under the sun, take exit 6, go inside the Benchasiri Park, walk accross the park..masuk masuk just walk ACROSS, x payah nak pusing satu taman, and go to Imperial hotel back entrance, Masuk dlm hotel and keluar thru the lobby, on your left, ade small alley, dalam tu is USMAN RESTAURANT.

if you don't want to walk, naiklah tuk tuk or Taxi.
But the park is really nice. cleannnnnnn sgt!

We adore the food at USMAN RESTAURANT.
the food is cheaper than Yana Restaurant and taste soooo much better!!
Worth the walk. 

Please order their Seafood Tomyam and.... their Garlic Chicken/Prawn/Squid

The garlic dish is soo simple but supeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr good!!!!!!

Curry Crab, Kerabu Sotong, Ikan Siakap Cili and Ayam Bawang Putih

Seafood Tomyam

Garlic Squid
 I don't know about you guys, my husband and I loveeeee Thai Tea..
because nearby our house ada this gerai tomyam buat teh ais sangatla sedap.
The tea is almost orange, the scent is sooooooo nice you might want to wear it as your perfume.
First time minum we thought they added gula melaka or something to get the sweet smell and taste.
but no, they used thai tea leaves/powder.

So here, at Usman we discover this tea mix.
because the tea that we had there taste THE SAME like dekat our house.
we bought a lot of this tea mix. HABIS 1 KEDAI. :)
RM4 for small packet and RM8 for the bigger packet.
awesome sgt hoi...

Oh! and you can also but their tomyam paste but i won't recommend. KAHKAHKAH.
pasal bila buat kat rumah even buat as intructions, rasa jauh menyimpang!

Thai Tea

Food and Drinks that you MUST TRY in Bangkok
1. Orange Juice tepi Jalan. 20Bhat. sedap pure punya..... limau tuh deme perah kat situ je kadang kadang.
2. Their Mangoes.
3. Pulut Mangga
3. All the tomyam you can get and their curries
4. COCONUT ICE CREAM!! oh yes. this. definitely a must try lagi lagi bila panas dekat Chatuchak Market. Different stall different version, i mean, the ice cream is the same, but the topping yang buat each stall different. Yang we bought ada the coconut flesh shaving, ada halwa betik, ada buah kabung.. yums!!!

There's a lot of food that we didn't try.
We didn't try the Halal Food at Chatuchak Market.
We didn't try the banana chocolate pancakes yg semua orang kecoh tuh because x jumpa pon..
We didn't try any noodle soup
we didn't try kerabu mangga or betik.. banyaklah lagi tak try...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Got back from 4 days 3 night trip to Bangkok last Wednesday, and I wish, I'm still there.
Now I know why foreigners love to reside there. The city was great! 
I'll definitely go there again..


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

ahhhhh... here comes the new year...
don't have much of new resolution because i'm not good at sticking to it.
To make it easy, I wish..
1. to be a better person by losing some weight,
2. eat healthily,
3. be more organized? i mean the house.
4. save more money for OUR house and holidays.

So, to round up my 2013...

yeah.. Alhamdulillah.
looking forward to 2014!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Did/ do you guys know that ice cream cake cost a lot if you buy it from Baskin or Haagen Dasz? like really a lot? i know that their ice cream is on the higher end side...but still..expensive like WHAT???...
and did/do you guys know that BR's Ice cream cake quality are likeee meehhhh...blerghh...ewwww...WHATT?..hahhahaha...the cake is super dry ok..like DRY!... blerghhh

so in November, i was like squeezing all the creative juice in my brain to work , to find an idea what to give the husband for his birthday. it's not a birthday unless there's a cake on the table..or at least a slice of cake or a dessert. that's my birthday rule. cewahhhh..hahahah...

So, if in overseas we have sooooooo much choices to choose from... dari last year i was having this thought to make dirt cake. but always laaa mak nenek ni lupa to buy a flower pot. yes. flower pot. so no dirt cake for him...

i was on Google. and i typed ice cream cake. so i found the most genius idea. swiss roll ice cream cake. click on the picture, read the steps. oooooooohhhh!! this is super easy gila. so during the birthday eve, it was on Friday btw, ajak kak zai pergi Cold Storage..and bought all the stuff for the cake. 3 bende je pon..
1. ice cream (2 flavours)
2. Swiss roll
3. Hersheys chocolate topping.

itu je... but for the husband's birthday..up sikit beli ice cream from BR, 2 pint...
balik terus buat. tgh malam kasi.

So far i've made 3 ice cream cake.

For the husband's birthday, i used,
Red velvet swiss roll
First class ice cream from BR
Mango Mania ice cream from BR
Fruit loops cereal
and Hershey's chocolate topping

1. inside of his birthday cake

1. His birthday cake

This is for Kak Zai's Birthday.
am using Giant Marble swiss roll cake..sedapppppp weh untuk gune as ice cream cake
Chocolate ice cream
Tiramisu ice cream
Hershey's chocolate topping.

2. Made this for Kak Zai's birthday.

So.. this is today;s ice cream cake.
Giant chocolate swiss roll
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Hershey's chocolate topping

3. Made this today. just for fun

This is the cake size. cute kan.. ok. perasan.

percayalah... kek buat sendiri lagi berharga dr beli kedai..even this cake you just have to assemble it. HAHA. unless you are super rajin and make your own swiss roll and ice cream

so what's next?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Farah & Farhan Majlis Bertandang (21.09.2013)

Final review rasanya ni...unless dapat gambar untuk side Johor. yes..saya ada 2 Majlis Bertandang..hahahha...

Dress: tailored by Bak

Using the same shoes from my Nikah
Venue: Dewan Merak Kayangan
Farah Nur Adila laaaa...

inside the hall. Easily can accommodate 600pax?

Table setting. The in Law's requested for green

Here's us getting ready der..
ade drama time nak siap..but will not dwell in that coz dah lepas kan..hahahah...tapi mmg drama la...
selamat my cousin ade...if not mmg habisla......

ko ado? pengantin pakaikan tiara..ahha

The dais...as you all know, Felda will provide the dais. simple dais. same old design dari dulu lagi...so up to the customer nak hiaskan...tambah bunga ke apa...xnak tambah pon xpe..no problemm...anyway..i love my dais here...cantek...the color combination and all..cantekk....the in laws yang decorate semua...

That big flower arrangement tuh sebenarnya bunga pahar

ok dah...
tak tahu nak cerita apa dah..ahhahahahha...
going to end my wedding review with this pictures of us... love the shots to bits..!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Farah & Farhan Wedding Reception (Bride's Side)

Venue : Laman Pengantin Taman Melawati

Dais : Surizlan Bridal House

Entertainment:Faiz Arif

Bride's Outfit ( plus veil and headscarf): Hariz&Team Wedding Services (especially Jefri Mansor (instagram:jepmansor #jefriraziman)
Groom's Outfit : will update
Guests Doorgift: Petit Cup Chocolate ( P.C. Choc )
VIP Doorgift: Chantiq Sweet Treats
Fridge Magnet : Kizzitgram
Handbouquet: (instagram: hanbouquetby3r)
Caterer: Ani Catering & Wedding Planner

Photographer: Lembayung Senja Photography and AzamHashim Photography

Fingerprint Tree: DIY.

Our Reception (bride's side) was held on the 14.09.2013.. from 6pm to11pm...
but dalam card tulis 6-9pm at Laman Pengantin, Taman Melawati.. crowd control gitu..
it's quite an intimate event because yg dijemput and datang are my close friends dari zaman kecik ke besar...
about harga dewan.. haaa... taknak share the exact price... but because i buat malam, ade extra charges because kene bukak lalpu semua kan, so the price, yg i boleh cakap.. RM3.5k and above...
But the owner kasi kerusi meja, skirting, alas meja, and se rumah 2 bilik untuk get ready...

Rasanya by now the orice mesti lagi naik because, masa i guna pon banyak renovation dorg dah buat and tgh buat. Last lalu situ dah ade sebijiki lagi rumah 2 tgkat dah ade...

But whatever it is, tepuk dada tanya selera ye dak?

So..this is the hall..before caterer siap setting..

the house provided for you and your family to get ready
Im using Ani Catering & Wedding Planner.
the food was fantastic.
orang menambah2...
we took the rm12.5-/pax package but tambah another RM500 untuk tukar ke beras basmathi. berbaloi baloi.. 

Kak Ani's PR sangat bagus... her portfolio buat orang yakin dgn dia..and her food.. DAGING MASAK ITAM kak ani sangat best..i kid u not..rasa die lain dari yang lain..serious tak tipu.. she's ssoooooo professional..look at how she hias the buffest table. 
selalu pegi wedding buffet table sgt amik remeh just letak makan begitu sahaja...
die hias dgn bung banyak...and the food xde mess..

i got a lot of awesome reviews from our guests that night.. even my father in law  menambah makan... he loved it soooooo much...

thank you so much kak any and her team...

her team is very impeccable.
tak payah di suruh kemas meja. tak payah suruh topup makan. tak payah. so professional rasa nak peluk2 kak ani...ingat lagi kak ani cakap "Percaya pada Kak Ani" ....

thank you so much kak ani...

the buffet table. LOVE the decor.. sgt lavish!

and this is the door gift for our guests..simple.
saya tak keen nak bagi bag2.. and dalam beg ada byk barang...
saya bagi apa yang saya suke and hopefully orang suke..
guess what?? THEY LOVE IT!!
xde pon dapat review guest cakap.. "laaaa... ni jeke?"

berapa kali pergi downtown Mines and beli this chocolate truffle...
last2 order 700.
approach them. you won't regret. 
harga affordable. Service bagus..semuaaaaaa bagus!!

My outfit..oh outfit...
i love my outfit sooooo much...
inspirasi konon dari Elie Saab...
but Jefri buat yang sesuai untuk my body...
thank you so much Jefri Mansor from Hariz Zakwan and Team...

Jefri's service sgt best... sedap pakai..
ramai suke baju saya..Maaf.. x jual and x sewa..

coz carik kawen merata...

2.5m Prada Lace from Vietnam - RM180 (TOLONGlah beli kat negara selain Malaysia. Malaysia mahal and alih2 tgk lace korang lebih kurang aje..hahaha)
10m of chiffon  from OSMAN JALAN TAR - sorry..no JAKEL for me..pasal mahal...SEMETER RM19.80 x silap..
5m Lining satin from OSMAN - rm19 SEMETER
0.5m (bidang 60) from Euro Moda - RM20
Kain Net - rm12

UNTUK DESIGN AND TAILORING by Jefri Mansor / JepMansor x boleh nak cakap...tapi likeseriously affordable sesangat nya..

my baju dari upah jahit to kos kain.. approx. RM1300...murah kan?????????? JANGAN SEWA PLS....MAHAL...

my husband punya baju...
simple..i know what i want him to wear..
pergi dekat kedai tailoring depan wangsa walk..sederet CIMB..
vest, pants, and that cravette including kos kain.. cost me RM705 (ini depend kain korang pilih)
kemeja beli from PADINI aje..rm129
both of us LOVE our outfit...so that makesme VERY HAPPY!

Our Pengapit...
both is my cousin.. adik beradikkk...
boought them their outfit also...
the dress from ZAWARA.. tapi fiqa tambah lace...
shirt and pants pon saya belikan...

oh this Fingerprint Tree.. dari lepas bertunang dah aim nak ni..yang ni DIY je...
the tree.. my busu lukiskan and warnakan
that canvas cost me rm25..
the acrylic paint for the tree rm7.90..
and untuk fingerprint tuh... i bought dekat Papier, the Curve..
rm11.90 1 colour.. bought 4..

so kos intuk fingerprint tree ni x banyak pon...
and i love it!!!
nanti nak Hang dalam bilik...weehooo!!


Updated entry**

by Jep Mansor

by Jep Mansor

Just shoes from Sembonia..

Meja Makan Beradap

Meja Makan Beradap

Meja Makan Beradap
Buffet Table Decor

Laman Pengantin, Taman Melawati

Laman Pengantin, Taman Melawati

Laman Pengantin, Taman Melawati

Necklace from Fashionvalet

Goodies for Guests

my DIY guest corner

Used this for the fingerprint. Bought it at Papier, The Curve.

Fingerprint canvas drawn by my uncle

Goodies again

my Dais by Surizlan Bridal House

VIP Table Setting by Ani Catering

my dad and I